Building Sustainability at Cal began as an intern program. In the Fall of 2007 two interns were hired in Stanley Hall to help the building become more environmentally sustainable. These interns then crafted the BS@C model based on their experiences. Interns were officially incorporated into BS@C in the Fall of 2008. Interns work for an entire academic year, allowing them to not only become well-versed in green building concepts, but also to conduct more intensive building projects. These interns form strong relationships with building managers and other campus staff that help bring about continuity in the program.

Interns generally enter the BS@C program with a base of green building experience that is slightly more extensive than that of the typical student taking the classes. This, in addition to a number of training sessions and activities, prepares interns for their work in campus buildings.

We are not currently hiring for this academic year. Please check back or like us on Facebook for updates on opportunities!